What it is like to be a data scientist, the best job currently

Data scientist is a relatively new profession, but it has been valued as the best work currently. Discover the most curious details of his profession. The great advantage of your good salary is that it will benefit you and your parents, so when they grow older you will be able to take care of them or if your salary allows nursing care Mexico can be a good option.

The emergence of data scientists in the workplace is relatively recent, but they have already positioned themselves as the professionals with the best work currently.

The most remarkable thing is that all this has just begun; The profession is still in its infancy compared to the enormous growth that awaits you.

The salary and employee satisfaction are the factors that give the qualification of the best profession of the moment. A data scientist in the US earns an average of $ 110,000 per year, and the supply of labor is abundant. In addition, they maintain that it is a very rewarding job, earning a 4.4 out of 5 in terms of satisfaction and a 4.8 out of 5 overall score in Glassdoor.

What does a data scientist do?
The field of work is still not very defined, and professionals in this field explain that data science is more an activity than a profession. To carry out a task requires a team of people with different skills and experience, a single person can not cover all the knowledge and skills necessary for it.

Its function is to collect data from various sources or quantities, and interpret them for the client or company in question. This allows them to analyze existing methodologies and propose new even better methods making use of research and computational power. What characterizes data science is that it uses a scientific method to solve business problems.

The process consists of 90% of collecting and preparing the data and 10% of modeling and managing them. It is a difficult and long process, so patience is key.

What skills does a data scientist have to have?
First clarification: a data scientist has to know how to program, very well in addition. The most required technical skills are Python, R, SQL, Hadoop, Java, SAS, Spark, Matlab, Hive and Tableau.

Critical thinking together with great ability to solve problems are also key. And well, that you like mathematics and science is also relevant to carry out the task.

As a general rule, to be a data scientist it is necessary to have studied a career with a scientific, mathematical or computer background – it is not surprising that the career with the highest grade in Spain is the double degree in mathematics and physics.

Vivian Zhang, founder of NYC Data Science Academy spoke about the future of the profession, maintaining that it is exciting but still in its first phase. “If we do this right, we are going to noticeably improve the lives of most people in the world.”