SMEs Follow The Fashion Of Electronic Commerce

It is very good news that little by little all countries adopt new technologies for their daily lives and in their businesses, both small and medium-sized businesses like Oral Nova Dent have started to use the Internet as a platform to sell their products and services using different forms of payment. This is a good thing because it is important to take advantage of everything the digital economy offers new and old companies, changing the prospects of online business that until a few years ago was an unknown terrain. In addition, electronic stores that are also known as e-Commerce begin to be a strong pillar that provides great support in the current business world and this has been reflected in studies that have been conducted in various countries to analyze the situation of online commerce.

One of the most interesting results in the study is the profile of the companies, in this aspect it was found that most are newly created SMEs, and half of them have been working for five years, and three out of four started their activities after the year 2000. Four out of ten entrepreneurs are self-employed and almost half of the businesses adopt the form of a Limited Partnership. Another interesting fact about e-Commerce is that they sell mostly in the sectors of home and gardening, food and beverages, and technology and electronics, followed by gift-selling sectors; office, industry and graphic arts; Hostel and Tourism; closing the motor and sports areas and the textile and fashion sector.

It is not surprising then that the characteristics that make up electronic commerce are of great interest to modern entrepreneurs. Currently modern entrepreneurs who own one or two companies know that the Internet is a powerful tool that helps them grow their business and is no longer something that only big brands can use, but it is available to everyone and they know they can use This platform is increasingly better complemented with knowledge in the field of Marketing, Social Media, even 62.7 percent of e-Commerce performs some type of action with AdWords, Facebook Ads or banners.